The roads life are made of!

Has your life's highway ever had a detour? When I was younger at about 12 years old, I had always wanted to own my own glass business. I hit a detour when I was introduced to Jesus and began to follow Him. Still having the same goal, I hit another detour when I started to serve Him and felt a call to ministry. On that detour I took steps to try a whole new Highway and began following a new calling. That Highway was soon met with another detour, marriage and kids. That led me back to the original road I started on. Another detour led me off that Highway and onto another road in a different direction.

Are you thinking, "WOW" or "Sounds like my life" or "Yeah, I can top that"?

There is more, and more, and more to my life's Highways and detours. Life is full of detours and as you look back on all yours I trust you can see how God has been with you.  I hope you can see that God has lead you through it.