Open for all Biker Traffic!

If you're looking for encouragement in life, or you want to grow in your faith or even understand what Christianity is about, join us for a service at Willow Creek. You won't have to sit alone. You can find the majority of the HighRoad Riders sitting together in what is now called "Hwy 207" - Another word for "Biker Church" at Willow Creek. It's located in Section 207 at 9am in the Balcony every Sunday morning. Hwy 207 is an entire section of Willow's auditorium set aside for bikers - 200 seats!  Ask anyone from guest services where the bikers sit, and they'll direct you to us. Wearing your leather is not only accepted, but expected! 

Ray "Lil Cuz" Rasmussen

207 at 9:00 Section Leader